The Uniregistry Market offers a number of settings at the domain level to ensure your sales pages and workflow are exactly the way you want them to be.

You may wish to ensure your default sales settings are set before you add domains to the Market.


Configuring domain level settings in the Market

The domain level Market settings page allows you to control the following parameters individually or in bulk:


Sales Method – Offers Only, Buy It Now (BIN), BIN + Offers

Here you decide how you want to sell your domain.

Offers Only – Your sales page invites buyers to submit contact details and an offer.  No pricing is revealed to them ever until you choose to send a checkout link.

BIN – Buy It Now (BIN) is designed for “set it and forget it” sales.  It’s great for domains you want to liquidate quickly because the sales page offers a price and checkout link with no option to negotiate.  So long as you have a price set, domains registered at Uniregistry and set to BIN will transfer ownership as soon as funding has been secured.  Domains not registered at Uniregistry will be transferred to facilitate the sale.  Be sure your pricing is set correctly!

BIN + Offers – The sales page presents the BIN checkout price page with an option to submit contact details and a counter offer.  The buyer can checkout at the BIN price or if you accept their counter offer, the price on their BIN price will automatically update.


Brokered (Premium Service) – Here you enable or disable brokerage at the domain level.  Remember, the account level setting applies to NEWLY ADDED DOMAINS.





Landing Page Status 

Here you select the type of landing page you want

PPC (PayPerClick Parking) (Premium Service) – The domain first resolves to our parking page with pay-per-click ads and a sales banner at the top.  Clicking the sales banner directs to the sales lander.

Sales Form – Displays the domain sales page as set above

Affiliate Plus – Displays the domain sales page with a Uniregistry ad prompting visitors to register a domain at  Sales made via the link displayed on your domain’s landing pages earn commissions.