Customers using the Market can adjust their Market settings for sales preferences, domain defaults, earnings, etc.


Existing DomainNameSales customers with a successfully linked Uniregistry Market account will automatically have their current sales and parking preferences enabled in the Market.



Steps to access Market settings

1.  Log in to your account at using the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.





2.  Click on the ‘Market’ drop down menu at the top of the page and select ‘Market Options’.


Market Settings Options





Select from the various options along the left-hand menu to configure your Market account settings.


Earnings – View and manage the money you’ve earned through domain sales, and/or domain parking.



Market Earnings


Domain Defaults – Manage the settings for the domain names you have for sale such as the sales method and landing page type. These settings are applied automatically when a domain is added to the Market. Existing domains are not affected.


Marekt Settings Defaults



Sales Preferences –  Manage the sales preferences for your Market domains such as the time a price is valid and Buyer email confirmation. Settings are applied automatically when a domain is added to the Market.  Existing domains are not affected.


Market Settings Preferences



Negotiation Templates – Draft customizable templates to provide more personal responses to your leads.


Market Settings Negotiation