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Steps to transfer domains to Uniregistry


1.  Ensure all the domain names to be transferred are unlocked at the current registrar and that you have requested the authorization codes.

If your domain names have WHOIS privacy enabled, we recommend disabling it before transferring to Uniregistry to ensure you receive the ‘Transfer Authorization’ (FOA) email.



2.  Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.


Log into your Uniregistry account to transfer your domain names to Uniregistry




3.  Click ‘Transfer’ from the menu at the top of the page.


Inside your Uniregistry account click on the Transfer tab at the top




4.  From the left-hand menu, select ‘Create New Transfer’ and type or paste the list of domains you want to transfer, one per line, into the text box. When completed click the ‘Continue’ button.


Type or paste the domain names that you want to transfer into Uniregistry



4b.  If you have the authorization codes for the domains, enter each code after the domain in the list separated by a comma. If you don’t have them, you can add them later in the ‘Resolution Center’.

Each domain that you would like to transfer will require an authorization code (or EPP code), which you will need to obtain from the current registrar.


Enter in the authorization codes to transfer your domains to Uniregistry




5.  Review the default contact to be used as the registrant for the domain(s) being transfered in. Click the Privacy.Link™ button to enable or disable the free WHOIS Privacy.Link™ service and click ‘Continue’.

Click ‘Change Contacts’ to select a different address from your address book or create a new one.


Confirm the contact information details for the domains and also enable or disable free WHOIS privacy



6.  You can enter a descriptive name for your transfer job if you would like and review the list of domains to transfer in. Click ‘Begin Transfer’ to initiate your transfer request.


Name your transfer and begin the transfer of your domains to Uniregistry



Authorizing and completing transfer

A ‘Transfer Request Authorization’ email, also known as an FOA (form of authorization), will be sent to the registrant email address(es) for each domain as it appears in the WHOIS. The FOA needs to be approved by the registrant in order to authorize the transfer. When tranfering a large number of domains with the same registrant email, only one FOA will be sent listing all of the domains being transfered. If you need to resend the FOA, you can do so from the Resolution Center.


7.  The registrant must click the ‘Approve Transfer’ button in the ‘Transfer Request Authorization’ (FOA) email.


The Form of Authorization must be approved by the registrant in order to approve the domain transfer




8.  After clicking the ‘Approve transfer’ button the ‘Domain transfer authorization’ page will load in your browser. You must agree to the ‘Uniregistry Registration Agreement‘ by checking the box, and clicking the ‘Proceed With Transfer’ button to approve the transfer.


Approving the Domain Transfer authorization to begin the transfer of your domains



9.  From here, you can either click ‘Go to transfers’


After authorizing the domain transfer, go to the transfer section to begin and confirm the transfer



9b.  Or select ‘Resolution Center’ from the left hand menu in your account and click ‘Begin Transfer’.

A successful transfer requires the domain to be unlocked, have a valid authorization code, and an approved FOA before payment can be authorized. You will receive notifications by email about any outstanding issues and you can visit the transfer ‘Resolution Center’ in the left hand menu of the ‘Transfer’ page at any time to identify and resolve any issues preventing your transfer from being successfully submitted.


Click on the Begin transfer button in the Resolution Center to begin the domain transfer to Uniregistry




10.  Click ‘Confirm Transfer’ to submit the transfer job.



Transfer IN - Confirm Transfer (Submit)




11.  Select the Payment Profile to be used for payment. Your default payment profile will already be selected; if you would like to use a different payment profile hover your mouse over the profile and click ‘Change’ to choose a new payment method or create one. You can redeem your Topcoin to save on a portion of the transfer fees and click ‘Process Payment’ to submit your completed transfer request.



Additional Info

  • Any outstanding issues will be identified in your transfer ‘Resolution Center’ in the left-hand menu of the ‘Transfer’ page.
  • The transfer process can take anywhere between 1 to 5 days once the transfer is submitted.
  • You or the registrant may receive a link by email from the current/losing registrar to expedite the transfer process.
  • Domains must be at least 60 days old to be transferred away from their current registrar. If a domain is ‘too young’ for transfer, you will see this noted in your ‘Resolution Center’ and you must then wait the full 60 days from the date of creation and resubmit your transfer.
  • You will not be charged unless the transfer is successful.
  • Payments are authorized when the transfer job is submitted but you are not charged until the domain(s) successfully transfers into your account. If a transfer is canceled, your payment authorization will not be processed but your bank may hold the funds for a few days before releasing them. Please contact your bank in regards to any held funds.
  • Most transfers add a year to the current registration expiration date*.