Our transfer process was created for domain owners by domain owners.

Whether you’re transferring a single domain name or a large portfolio, Uniregistry was built with ease of use in mind.  It’s important to remember, however transfers can only be initiated and expedited from the registrar they’re leaving – or the ‘losing’ registrar.  Different registrars maintain different policies for names that are being transferred away.  Some offer the option to expedite transfers while some choose to wait the full transfer period to allow the registrant time to cancel.

Expediting a Transfer

According to ICANN’s rules and regulation, losing registrars have a 5-day window in which to transfer a domain name out of their registrar (once verification of domain ownership is complete).  This process can often be expedited depending on the losing registrar’s level of cooperation.  If the option to expedite transfers is not available in the losing account, we suggest you contact the current registrar and request that they speed up the transfer.

Here are some additional tips that may facilitate a faster transfer to Uniregistry from specific registrars:


GoDaddy allows you to ‘accept’ outgoing transfers within a few minutes of receiving a successful transfer authorization in their account control panel.


Tucows typically sends an email within a day notifying the owner of the transfer request and that they can expedite the transfer.  You can take action from their instructions.


Enom also usually sends an email notification within a day or two of the transfer request and asks the domain owner to approve or deny the transfer.

Other registrars

Many smaller registrars offer no direct way to expedite a transfer request.  Generally, you would need to send an email directly to their support department requesting it.