Name servers point a domain name to an IP address. This allows a user to simply type in ‘’ and get directed to a server at The internet would be a tough place to navigate if we had to remember IP addresses. That’s what name servers are for, they translate host names into numbers to make the internet easier for us to navigate. Name servers are usually added in pairs, in case one fails.

Uniregistry offers free name servers for your domains, or you may set custom name servers if you wish.



Steps to update your name server records


1.  Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.






2.  Click ‘Manage’ from the menu at the top of the page.


Manage_Select from Menu-New





3.  Click on the domain that you would like to change the name servers for.




4.  Select the ‘NS/DNS Records’ tab.



5.  The name server drop-down box allows you to select from a few template options including Uniregistry name servers, your account default name servers, or setting custom name servers. Click the option you would like to use.

  • Select ‘’ to set name servers for parking with
  • Select ‘Scrub name servers’ to remove name server records altogether.




5a.  If you select ‘Set custom name servers’ you will be prompted to enter each name server into the text field and click ‘Add’




6.  When you’re finished adding your name servers, click the green ‘Save Changes’ button.