If you’ve lost or forgotten the password to your Uniregistry account, you can reset it by using the ‘Forgot password?’ link.
(Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.)



Steps to reset a Uniregistry account password


1.  Visit the Uniregistry account login page. and click the ‘Forgot password?’ link.






2.  Enter the email address used for your account and click ‘Send Email’.  A message will confirm an email has been sent to the address you provided.






3.  Go to the inbox for that email address and find the message from Uniregistry with the subject ‘How to reset your Uniregistry password’ and click the ‘Reset your password’ button.


Password reset email




4.  Type the new password into the first field and re-type it into the second field. Then click the ‘Change Password’ button to submit the new password.


Password reset - type new password




5.  The password reset will then be confirmed and you can click ‘Continue’ to proceed to your account.


Password reset - change confirmed