Every Uniregistry account has default settings used for the registration and/or transfer of domain names including default WHOIS information, default name servers, auto-renew settings and more.  Though you can change the settings for each domain name individually, going over your defaults will ensure your account is performing the way you want it to.

Uniregistry accounts are defaulted to:


Defaults 02-16-16, 10.51.16 AM


  • Default settings apply to new domain registrations and transfers except name servers, which apply to new registrations only.
  • Default setting changes affect new registrations and transfers but do not change existing domain settings.


Steps to edit your default account settings


1.  Log in to your account at Uniregistry.com using the ‘Log In’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.





2.  Click on the arrow next to ‘Account’ and select ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down menu.







3.  Select ‘Preferences’ from the menu on the left and click on the green ‘Edit’ button.






4.  Make changes to the settings as needed.


Defaults - Set_Uniregistry



4b.  Complete the Uniregistry Registrant Centric data below the defaults section.

The URC data is kept strictly confidential and used for verification purposes should you ever be locked out of your account.


Defaults -setURC_Uniregistry




5.  Click the green ‘Save & Close’ button.