We don’t want you to lose your domains.  That’s why we start sending you notices of your expiring domains starting around 30 days before expiry and at regular intervals all the way through to 5 days after expiry.  You will receive at least 3 notices which will invite you to renew your domain(s) and also specify the expiry date(s) while noting how many days away it is.

It is important for you to keep your contact information accurate so you will receive these reminders. As a further safeguard, you should ensure that your email SPAM filters are set to accept emails from Uniregistry.

If you miss renewing your domain by the expiry date, don’t panic. There’s a grace period of around 40 days to renew your domain at regular price.  After that, you’ll have another 30 days to pay a restore fee plus the renewal fee before the name gets ready for deletion and is unrecoverable.  You can see a basic list of renewal and restore fees on our pricing page.

Name servers are disabled 5 days after expiry so if your website or email goes down, check if the domain has expired.  Once renewed, the name servers will immediately become active again.