Registering multiple domain names at Uniregistry is quick and easy. With hundreds of domain extensions to choose from, finding unique names to add to your portfolio is a breeze.



Steps to register multiple domain names


1.  Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.


Log into your Uniregistry account




2.  Click ‘Register’ from the menu at the top of the page.


Click on the Register tab inside your account manager at Uniregistry




3.  Search for a domain name by typing one or more specific domains or keywords into the search box and a list of suggestions will automatically populate.

You can add multiple domains or keywords by pasting a list or seperating domains with a comma.


Search for one or more names in the search bar and a list of suggested domains will populate.




4.  Filter your search criteria by selecting or typing in your desired extension(s) from the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar.

Filter your search criteria by typing in one or more extensions




5.  Add the domains you want to your cart by clicking the ‘+’ button.

Domains already in your cart will show the cart icon.  To remove them, simply click the cart to change it back to the ‘+’.

Add your preferred domains to your cart by clicking on the plus sign to the left of the domain




6.  When you’re done shopping, simply click the shopping cart icon located at the top-right of the page to check out.

When you've finished shopping for domain names click on the shopping cart to check out




7.  On the checkout page, select the number of years you want to register each domain for from its drop-down menu.  Then click the ‘Continue’ button.

The maximum period of registration time allowed for a domain name is ten years.


Choose how long you want to register your domain name for from the drop down menu.


7b.  Got Topcoin?

Redeem your Topcoin for a portion of your domain registration. Hover over the Topcoin field to view the maximum amount you can redeem, then simply type in how much Topcoin you want to use and click the ‘Continue’ button.


Redeem Topcoin to save on your domain name registrations




8.  Review your registrant information to make sure it’s up to date and choose whether you want WHOIS privacy enabled. Click on the green ‘Continue’ button to proceed.

Click ‘Change Contacts’ to select a different address profile or create a new one.


Review your registrant details and confirm WHOIS privacy for your new domain registrations




9.  Make sure your desired payment profile is selected and agree to the ‘Uniregistry Registration Agreement’ by checking the checkbox. Click the green ‘Process Payment’ button to finish the registration process.

Hover your mouse over the profile and click ‘Change’ to select a different profile or create a new one.


Select your payment profile to complete your domain registration




10.  Click ‘My Domain Names’ to view and edit your new domains in the ‘Manage’ page.


After successully registering your new domain names, view them in your account manager


  • Invoices are sent to the email address used to create your Uniregistry account.
  • Search results do not guarantee domain availability or pricing.
  • Adding a domain to your cart does not ‘hold’ or gurantee the domain registration.
  • Payments may fail if the registry has sold the domain before your payment was processed. Failed payments show as $0 on your invoice.
  • Uniregistry does not collect funds or hold credit card authorizations for failed payments. Please contact your bank to inquire about held funds.