A Passion for Naming.

Uniregistrar Corp. is an ICANN accredited registrar (IANA ID No. 1659) and does business under the name “Uniregistry”, licensed from Uniregistry, Corp.

Uniregistry is obsessed with the future of naming. Our people have a passion for domains, driven by our founder Frank Schilling, one of the largest domain registrants in the world. This passion gave birth to a registry that is more automated and easier to maintain than any previous one. Our registrar is simple enough for a novice to use, but can scale to manage domain name portfolios for the largest commercial registrants. We also offer the only open sales platform and clearinghouse for domain names.


 The Future is Now.

In 2016, this passion is revealing itself with the complete integration of our business lines into one end-to-end logistics platform.

Uniregistry is the only company that can help you run your namespace, create and manage registrations of domain names, and then help you boutique sell premium names at aftermarket prices. We provide the complete end-to-end management of domain names. No platform provides such open access and at minimal cost.

It is our goal to unlock the value of domain names by building the most delightful and easy to use infrastructure in naming. Learn more about the Uniregistry Market.